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About the Blogger

“I’m Macy Kittelberger – aka Macy K.”

I’m a senior at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio studying Public Relations and Marketing. Two of my favorite things to do are organizing and cleaning… no seriously; show me a planner with tabs, stickers, and a color-coding system and I melt. You may also find me cleaning my bath tub and sink at 10:30 at night just to unwind and relieve some stress… try it, it’s oddly satisfying. Coffee is a close friend and eventually I want exercise to be too, but I’m not there yet. People say I am passionate, driven and a go-getter. I just think I’m someone who finds what they love doing and does it. My goal in life is to find ways that I can positively influence others, whether that be with my career, my relationships, my words, or how I serve others. I hope as you read through this blog, you can find a nugget of wisdom that will in some way make your college experience just a pinch better.

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